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These are some blogs like ours that gives you information on foreign cuisine, especially Italian dishes.

Tiny Italian

Featured image Helpful Blogs Tiny Italian - Helpful Blogs

The Tiny Italian is a blog packed with Italian recipes, reviews, travel tips and more. It is very easy to navigate, and the articles are very educative.

Italian cook along classes & cooking experiences

The Pasta Project

Featured image Helpful Blogs The Pasta Project - Helpful Blogs

This blog is your best plug on anything pasta. The blogger dishes out information on every single type of pasta that has ever been invented. They are so many kinds of pasta out there.

Memorie di Angelina

Featured image Helpful Blogs Memorie di Angelina - Helpful Blogs

This is a blog by Frank Fariello, an Italian chef who shares his recipes and those handed down over generations. You can also get information about vegan recipes from the blogger.

She Loves Biscotti

Featured image Helpful Blogs She Loves Biscotti - Helpful Blogs

Maria Vannelli is a professional dietician based in Montreal. Her blog provides information on a balanced diet, recipes for Italian dishes, as well as tips and advice on eating and preparing Italian food.

La Bella Vita Cucina

Featured image Helpful Blogs La Bella Vita Cucina - Helpful Blogs

This blog is about Italian food and packed with brilliant recipes, ideas and the origin of each recipe.

Ciao Chow Linda

Featured image Helpful Blogs Ciao Chow Linda - Helpful Blogs

This blog is a cross between a travelogue and a food blog. It explores Italy as a country and offers amazing recipes.

Marisa’s Italian Kitchen

Featured image Helpful Blogs Marisas Italian Kitchen - Helpful Blogs

The blogger, who is an Italian Canadian, has an obsession with Italian desserts. She offers information on how to make some delicious Italian cakes for dessert. You can’t help but love her passion for cakes. It’s almost contagious.

Marcellina in Cucina

Featured image Helpful Blogs Marcellina in Cucina - Helpful Blogs

This blog is all about cooking Italian food. It offers recipes, advice, and tips on different types of Italian dishes that you will love to taste.

Traditional Italian Recipes and more!

Curious Appetite

Featured image Helpful Blogs Curious Appetite - Helpful Blogs

This blog features Italian recipes, restaurant reviews and travel. The blogger writes about food and drinks professionally for several publications, as well as leading culinary tours.

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